Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Random Tuesday: a sunflower forest, looking forward & back

I'm calling today's post a non-legit post, since this isn't necessarily about anything health- or fitness-related. It's just a good day! I mean, I have a sunflower forest in my back yard, come on! Sometimes you just feel like rambling a tad, ya know?

My Sunflower Forest...

Anyway...how on earth is it July 30th already? Summer is more than half over! It will be sorely missed when fall rolls around. Swimming, boating, hiking, camping, morning runs, lots of daylight, not to mention all the in-season fruits and vegetables...yup, I'm going to miss it! At least fall is pretty great too. I'm looking forward to sweaters, and changing leaves, and more hot chocolate! 
That's about it for my quick ramble! Yes, fall will be good, but I'm going to make sure that summer gets soaked up as much as possible. 

Have a lovely day! 

What's your favorite thing about summer? About fall?

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