Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I need to stay awake!

Behold, my messy kitchen.

 Currently I'm in the process of studying for my government test tomorrow morning. I've heard rumors that it's hard, so I'm stressin' a little. Oh, and I still have to write an entire essay for the same class about the views of philosophers that influenced the Constitution. Haven't even touched that yet! Did I mention that it's past 10:00?

To keep me awake, I have to do something that keeps me moving. I've figured out that it does not work for me to sit down cross-legged on my bed with my textbook and hope to stay awake. So I decided to do some food prep! I'm steaming some carrots, which may or may not end up being eaten before I go to bed tonight, and I'm cooking some chicken to go with my breakfast and lunch tomorrow. I might do some sort of a tabata workout within the hour to further keep me awake. Who knows what time that essay is going to be finished!

Why does life have to be so crazy all the time? Je ne sais pas. Oh yeah, I have a French assignment due tomorrow too...

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