Hey there! My name is Tessa and I have a passion for all things healthy! "The Healthy Notes" is where I share favorite recipes, lifestyle tips, and motivation, along with occasional bits of randomness. Basically, this blog is just a chronicle of my everyday life and what I do to stay healthy and maintain balance. I'm not a registered dietitian, personal trainer, or any kind of an expert, just a normal person highly interested in nutrition and fitness. I've read lots of information on my own, seeking to improve my lifestyle. I can't really pinpoint a time when my slight obsession started, but I've always really enjoyed the subjects of health and wellness. I learn a lot from trial and error, as well as from the online community of health bloggers and websites, and I love to share all that I find out. Overall, I want to share how living healthily can be fun, easy, and delicious!

Aside from being a health nut, I love normal activities like hanging out with friends and family, hiking, shopping, Pinterest, drinking lots of hot chocolate, and occasionally eating ice cream. I'm a resident of Boise, Idaho, where I've lived for most of my life.

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Hope you enjoy my notes!

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