Saturday, July 13, 2013

Snacking Saturday

Today my whole normal eating schedule was thrown a little off when my morning run got postponed by an unexpected flat tire. By the time my run actually happened, it was somewhat close to lunch, but not close enough to eat a full meal, so I just ate a little something. The rest of today has ended up being a snacky day too. In the spirit of a day of random snacking, I thought I'd share a snack I discovered a earlier this week. Dried pineapple! It's delicious! Dried fruit is decent, but not always my favorite. I like dried apricots, and sometimes dried apples. I hate it when the fruit has a really chewy, soft texture...chips are much more up my alley. With this pineapple, however, it's not weirdly chewy; you're able to bite off distinct sections. I purchased these dried pineapples in the bulk section at our local grocery store, so they're not hard to find. I highly recommend this as a healthy, yummy snack! 

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